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About Dr. Villafranca

 About Dr. Villafranca



"I just love her. She has a very light and caring touch."


 - Allison Abrigo, patient



" Over the past 10 years, it is clear to me that as a dentist Dr. Villafranca's
professionalism, care for the patient and drive to satisfy the patient's needs set her in a special category high above your average health professional. As a person, her integrity, listening skills and approachability complement her character, making her someone I have been honoured to know and privileged to work with. "


Dr. Hilal Sirhan, Associate Director at the MUHC Department of Dentistry



" Dr. Villafranca has been involved with hospital dentistry and the management of medically compromised care of patients since 2006. The depth of experience she has acquired during this time is impressive. She has also served as a role model for the many years of dental residents that she has assisted in educating in the past decade."


- Dr. Antoine Chehade, dental surgeon-in-chief, MUHC Department of Dentistry.


 In the news


Dr.Villafranca's free Parent and Tot Seminar series was very much appreciated by parents who were there to learn about caring for their children's' oral health. A big "thank you" to Montreal Families for helping us spread the word in their June issue!




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Also last month, Dr. Villafranca's informational article and video were featured in the KidScoop. You can view the video below, and read the article by following the link:




Family Dentistry


Preventative and Emergency Care



Our office provides comprehensive dental care for the whole family. Prevention is our philosophy! As an integral part of your overall health, your mouth is a priority! We promote good oral hygiene and will educate you on oral care. In addition, we provide a head and neck cancer screening at every check up.




 Let us care for you and your smile!


Healthy smiles make happy people!

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Dr. Melissa Villafranca

4880 Sherbrooke West, suite 150

Westmount, Quebec, H3Z 1H1



T: 514.484.3586

F: 514.484.5965



For more information on Dr. Villafranca, her practice philosophy and interesting information on your oral health, please visit and like her FB page or read her full bio on LinkedIn:

Great way to explain flossing to young children!

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Comments from parents attending our Parent and Tot Sessions:

"Great session! Loved the opportunity to actually brush my child's teeth. Very informative. Thanks!" 


 "I found the presentation both informative and interesting."


"The seminar was very helpful. You cover everything."


"So great to see how to actually brush and floss his teeth. Thank you."


"It's great to know what to expect as their teeth come in. This was very informative." 


"It was good to hear that other people have the same questions as I do. Thank you for taking the time to answer them."